Tribute to Love and Loss

Emily Larlham is a respected and compassionate dog trainer who generously shares lessons on her YouTube channel “Kikopup.” I value her respectful and patient teaching style as her canine companion learns how to settle, have its nails trimmed or wiggles during a rewarding game. And I’m in awe when a video includes her calm, watchful canine family.

On July 30, 2021, Emily opened her heart and posted a lesson on grieving. Her puppy, Dream, died from a sudden episode of kidney failure. Emily had begun filming trainings with Dream and the young dog was living up to his name. I cried along as she struggles to bear witness to her loss and love of her 10-week-old Dream and encourages us to cherish our loves now. Today.

In 2018 when I began this blog “Saying Hello to Goodbye,” I wrote:

“If I sit down with my grief at the table, unbutton my jacket of composure and surrender to tears, the paralysis of fear leaves the room. I find comfort remembering and writing about my companion. Welcoming memories about the love that never leaves my heart.

Emily’s posting is just that…sitting down with grief. Embracing the waves of emotion and diminishing fear by feeling the loss.

Thank you, Emily. You continue to enrich my life. I will never forget your lesson.

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