Tribute to Love and Loss

Emily Larlham is a respected and compassionate dog trainer who generously shares lessons on her YouTube channel “Kikopup.” I value her respectful and patient teaching style as her canine companion learns how to settle, have its nails trimmed or wiggles during a rewarding game. And I’m in awe when a video includes her calm, watchful […]

Hope Arrives Today

Hope arrives today. She is a faded-caramel senior, female Cocker Spaniel I’ve nicknamed “Casper the Friendly Ghost,” who makes me smile when I notice her watching me with her “I see you” brown eyes and silky, hopeful wag. Her person is traveling and has entrusted Hope’s care to me while she is away. This beneficial […]

Lean on Me – DoberBuddy – Part Two

SABER Missing our dear Ramses and his presence in our lives and home, we learned of an adult, red male Doberman in our neighborhood. A young woman was going through a divorce and was brokenheartedly looking for a new home for her special boy.  We visited her and her mother and eagerly welcomed Saber into […]

Today. And Tomorrow.

Now, there is no dog in my house. Little guest Gus has gone home. Foster boy Toby and his rambunctious energy has gone to his next foster station. Hailey…dear olde grrl…said farewell on March 8. There are no canine distractions to block my heartache. I waved goodbye to overjoyed Gus riding shotgun with his beaming […]

Dancer’s Taj

  Our world travels followed a primarily unscheduled easterly path that began in England where we boarded a chilled Greek bus for a three-day ride to Athens. We experienced serious sensory muddlefecation in Egypt, marveled at the herd migrations across the Serengeti in Tanzania, embraced bouquets of taste, color and humanity in India and Nepal […]